Name: Brian Hutchings
Birth date (M/D/YY): 12/22/65
School/Jr. Football: St. Mary's University
Position(s): OG
Years with Tiger-Cats: 2


1.Tell us about how you got started in football and your amateur career.
Played minor football for the Grimsby Grizzilies. All Ontario Champion is 1980. Played 2 undefeated seasons at Grimsby HS. Received an athletic scholorship to Ridley College. Attended St. MAry's University, played DL for 4 years

2.How did you get started in the CFL? (draft, free agent, trade etc)
Free Agent 1988. Traded to Argos in 1989, traded to Stampeders in 1990. Signed as a free agent to Toronto in 1992. Retired in 1994.

3.Do or did you hold any records?

4.Do or did you have a nickname?

5.Tell us about some of your fondest memories with the Tiger-Cats or in the CFL.
The great 1989 season, the rainstorm in Saskatchewan, being stuck in an elevator in Calgary with 7 others.

6.Who were some of the team-mates and opponents you admired the most and why?
Team-mates - Miles Gorrell, Dale Sanderson, Raplph Scholz, Jason Riley, Mike Derks, Darrell Harle

7.Which coach did you respect or enjoy playing for the the most and why?
Al Bruno - He was like a father to us, respected us but pushed us to be better men.

8.Tell us about some of your favourite Grey Cup memories.


9.Tell us about your life and career after playing/working with the Tiger-Cats or CFL?
Commissioner of Corporate Services - Niagara Region. Responsible for the finances, legal, human resources, technology and properties. 3,400 employees and budget of 792 million

10.Tell us about your interests, hobbies, your passion or anything else you would like to share about yourself.
Enjoy supporting my 2 daughters (Blair 17, Paige 15) in all their activities. Actively train and compete in triathalons.

11.Share with us some of the places you've been or things you have experienced.
Actively volunteer in the Niagara community. Treasurer of Ontario Trillium Foundation, 2003 Grimsby citizen of the year, Chair of West Lincoln Hospital, Recipient of the Niagara Award in 2009


12.What aspects of the Canadian game do you like the most?
The unexpected wide open play

13.Is there any aspect of the game you would change if you could?


14.What advice do you have to either young players or those just starting out in the CFL?
Enjoy it while its happening

15.Is there anything else you would like to share? (thoughts, advice, stories, memories)
Leverage your career into other opportunities outside of football.