Name: Don Sutherin
Birth date (M/D/YY): 02/23/1936
School/Jr. Football: Ohio State University
Position(s): DB & Kicker
Years with Tiger-Cats: 1958, 1961-1970


1.Tell us about how you got started in football and your amateur career.
Started in 6th grade and played through high school and university. Lots of practice with dad, friends and coaches.

2.How did you get started in the CFL? (draft, free agent, trade etc)
I was on loan from the NY Giants for 6 games in 1958, returned to the Giants for 1959 and then to the Steelers for 2 years. Returned to the Tiger-Cats in 1961.

3.Do or did you hold any records?
When I retired from the CFL in 1970 I held 18 CFL records.

4.Do or did you have a nickname?
Suds Man

5.Tell us about some of your fondest memories with the Tiger-Cats or in the CFL.
My playing and coaching in 16 Grey Cups while winhing 8. The participation in the Grey Cup in any way is a tremendous experience.

6.Who were some of the team-mates and opponents you admired the most and why?
Hal Patterson -gret player, Russ Jackson - tough, great arm. Bernie Faloney - great leader, Tommy Grant - great hands, Angelo Mosca - mean and smart

7.Which coach did you respect or enjoy playing for the the most and why?
Jim Trimble was a player coach. He let you do things you were good at.

8.Tell us about some of your favourite Grey Cup memories.
The Fog Bowl in 1962, game was suspended with 9 minutes left and finished the next day.


9.Tell us about your life and career after playing/working with the Tiger-Cats or CFL?
I returned to Ohio after my playing career to coach and teach high school. Then returned to the CFL coaching for 22 years and scouting for the Tiger-Cats for 4 years.

10.Tell us about your interests, hobbies, your passion or anything else you would like to share about yourself.
I lke to hunt and fish and golf 5 days a week. I take a trip to Canada every year to fish. I'm getting older but smarter, ha-ha.

11.Share with us some of the places you've been or things you have experienced.
Went on an Alskan cruise fo 11 days - great trip. Many celebrity golf tournaments in Canada, Ohio, Florida. Ohio State football games and many reunions.


12.What aspects of the Canadian game do you like the most?
The 3 downs make it fast and exciting, the big field and 20 yard end zones.

13.Is there any aspect of the game you would change if you could?
I just hope the owners and the officials don't mess the great game of Canadian football. Keep the game Canadian!


14.What advice do you have to either young players or those just starting out in the CFL?
The game of football does not last forever, get an eduction and start a profession while you are playing. To Americans - don't take the CFL too lightly, its a great game, respect it.

15.Is there anything else you would like to share? (thoughts, advice, stories, memories)
I spent 32 years in Canada as a player and coach, I would not change a thing. I loved my experience, meeting friends and having 2 children born in Canada. Memories of Grey Cups, fishing and hunting. Getting inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame was a great honour. Thanks for giving me a chance to become a football player in your country.