Name: Glenn Timlock
Birth date (M/D/YY): 1934
School/Jr. Football: Hamilton Junior Wildcats
Position(s): HB, FB, DB
Years with Tiger-Cats: 1957


1.Tell us about how you got started in football and your amateur career.
I played Jr. & Sr. football at St. Catharines Collegiate. I was drafted to the Hamilton Junior Wildcats in 1954. In 1955 I played for the Tiger-Cat "B" Senior O.R.F.U

2.How did you get started in the CFL? (draft, free agent, trade etc)
I was scouted in 1955 and signed a contract with the Ottawa Rough Riders. After a leg injury, I went back to Hamilton to again play for the Senior O.R.F.U. and we won the Dominion of Canada Seniore O.R.F.U. Championship in 1956.

3.Do or did you hold any records?

4.Do or did you have a nickname?

5.Tell us about some of your fondest memories with the Tiger-Cats or in the CFL.

6.Who were some of the team-mates and opponents you admired the most and why?

7.Which coach did you respect or enjoy playing for the the most and why?

8.Tell us about some of your favourite Grey Cup memories.


9.Tell us about your life and career after playing/working with the Tiger-Cats or CFL?
I joined the Police Force in Thorald in 1958 and moved there. I pent many years coaching little league football.

10.Tell us about your interests, hobbies, your passion or anything else you would like to share about yourself.
From 2006-09 I was a volunteer assistant footbal coach at St. Francis Catholic HS in St. Catharines and in 2010 I was an asssitant coach at A.N. Myer HS in Niagara Falls with Head coach Ralph Scholz.

11.Share with us some of the places you've been or things you have experienced.


12.What aspects of the Canadian game do you like the most?

13.Is there any aspect of the game you would change if you could?


14.What advice do you have to either young players or those just starting out in the CFL?

15.Is there anything else you would like to share? (thoughts, advice, stories, memories)
I am an active member of the Ti-Cat alumni and participate in many of their fund-raisers and other activities. At present, I am Second Vice President of the Ti-Cat Alumni.