Name: Steve Kearns
Birth date (M/D/YY): 11/23/56
School/Jr. Football: Liberty University
Position(s): Tight End and Slotback
Years with Tiger-Cats: 82-85


1.Tell us about how you got started in football and your amateur career.
I started playing in the 11th grade in high school at Wexford Collegiate in Scarborough and then went on to play 4 years at Liberty Universityh in Lynchburg, Virginia

2.How did you get started in the CFL? (draft, free agent, trade etc)
I was a protected pick of the Toronto Argonauts that had been traded the year before to Calgary. Calgary used that pick to get me.

3.Do or did you hold any records?
I hold some Kearns family records but that is it.

4.Do or did you have a nickname?

5.Tell us about some of your fondest memories with the Tiger-Cats or in the CFL.
I think just the fact that I was fortunate enough to play at that level was satisfying. Memories of playing against my twin brother Dan who played for the Eskimos

6.Who were some of the team-mates and opponents you admired the most and why?

7.Which coach did you respect or enjoy playing for the the most and why?
I enjoyed playing for Al Bruno because he really cared for the players as individuals

8.Tell us about some of your favourite Grey Cup memories.
My favourite memory of the only Cup I played in (1984) was that we were leading 14-3 in the 1rst quarter. We lost 47-17 to Winnipeg


9.Tell us about your life and career after playing/working with the Tiger-Cats or CFL?
I retired befor the 1986 season and joined the staff of Athletes in Action and have served as the chaplian for the since then. I also do the same with the Toronto Raptors and as well for the Toronto Argos for 21 seasons. I am blessed with a great wife and we have three great children. Allie (1983) Drew (1986) and Steph (1990)

10.Tell us about your interests, hobbies, your passion or anything else you would like to share about yourself.
I enjoy soccer, golf

11.Share with us some of the places you've been or things you have experienced.
I have had the priviledge with Athletes in Action to go to Moscow, Ireland, Germany, Brazil.


12.What aspects of the Canadian game do you like the most?
I like the wide open and fast paced game that it is.

13.Is there any aspect of the game you would change if you could?


14.What advice do you have to either young players or those just starting out in the CFL?
Enjoy the moment and do the best that you can do because that is the only thing that you can really control. Remember that many would like to do what you are doing.

15.Is there anything else you would like to share? (thoughts, advice, stories, memories)
It was a great part of my life and I had the opportunities and still do to meet and work with many great people. I thank God for those experiences